SCHWEDEN – ‘Street Art Österlen’ Mural Projekt

Futuro Berg war beim Street Art Österlen (Facebook) Projekt dabei und hat sich zusammen mit den Künstlern aus der schwedischen Stadt Malmö (uA Anthony Mills, Dan Sapunar, Hets, Ligisd) in die ländlichen Gegenden begeben. Super Footage und schöne Murals!

Alle Fotos aus dem Projekt mit den Murals gibt´s hier auf der Projektwebsite!

Street Art Österlen was started in 2014 after artist Carolina Falkholts painted a mural in the region next to Österlens Museum in Simrishamn. Already with that inspiration in mind a group of people got together to realize the project again this year, in the middle of the Swedish summer even though this time with artists coming from different countries and backgrounds around the world.

In addition to a diverse line up of artists, the festival sets itself apart since it all happens in the countryside of Skåne in southern Sweden, on buildings that were before used mostly for farming activities.

The sudden change in the countryside’s landscape was greatly welcomed with a huge pilgrimage of people moving around the different walls appreciating this new mix of modern streetart/graffiti and traditional rural architecture.

I followed a group of artists from Malmö on their mission to paint an old warehouse in a small town called Borrby.

While the other walls were given permission to be painted, this wall lacked permission right until before the festival started due to a reluctant position from the owner who after looking into the artists work, he realized the value that they could give to a now, unused beautiful warehouse.

Photo and Film by Futuro Berg
Soundtrack: The Code – Her (
CBA Productions

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