‘Double Fantasy’ – Illustrationen von EEWAN

“Graffiti culture was the first thing that gave and continues to give me inspiration for action. Now my method is vector graphics, and I keep my favorite aspects from graffiti writing with me as I carry on with my new direction.”

Der russische Graffitiwriter und Illustrator EEWAN hat gestern über den Kleinverlag der GRIFTERS sein Buch “DOUBLE FANTASY” herausgegeben. Ein großartiges Sammelsurium seiner sarkastischen und in Ironie gewaschenen Arbeiten. Der Verlag hat sich mit ihm über das Projekt unterhalten und einige Fragen gestellt:

Both concerning the problems of the broader society and the ones concerning members of the graffiti culture. Have you experienced the situations that you draw?

In my opinion – irony and sarcasm are the only tools for awakening the active response to your art at the current time. Nowadays there are only two kinds of art, an art that is understandable only to the author and art that is clear to everyone, I want to stick my work into the middle. Sarcasm and irony help me in this. I can take inspiration from everywhere and I believe it doesn’t matter if someone has experienced the problems or situations to be able to depict them, but to have to have such a large interest in drawing them, I must have encountered a few.

Das komplette Interview gibt´s hier mit vielen weiteren animierten GIF´s seiner Illustrationen, wem die Arbeiten des russischen Künstlers gefallen, kann das Buch hier bestellen.

The first and long waited monogram of the wonder-kid Eewan. This book reveals the unique humoristic prism that Eewan uses in his work and controversial musings on modern society, graffiti culture and lifestyle.

This book is a selection of unpublished works, with both deep and superficial layers of humor, interesting not only for people of a graffiti background, but for those who are not.

Size: 21 x 21 cm / 8.3 x 8.3 inch
Pages: 80
Cover: Paperback
Print: Color

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