Selina Miles accuse NIKE of copying LIMITLESS with latest Neymar Video

Filmmaker Selina Miles just posted her disappointment with a video by NIKE (Nike Football Presents “Ousadia Alegria”) striking resemblance to her own video LIMITLESS featuring graffiti artist SOFLES. Nowdays everyone claims imitation is the new inspiration, but it turns out the video were referenced in Nike’s creative brief before the video was even created.

“Pretty disappointed to wake up today to multiple messages from peers and friends about a new Nike commercial that has just been released, It bears some uncanny similarities to both my work, and the work of the brilliant Rob Whitworth The worst part is that both of us were asked to treat on the video, but for some reason lost out to a another director.So we watched the new NIKE video and immediately recognized the flow-motion technique, but it doesn’t end there, the similarities continue throughout the rest of the clip.”.

Here are both videos to check out:

LIMITLESS (by Selina Miles & Rob Whitworth)

NIKE´s “Ousadia Alegria”

The whole case went down very strange, because it is not just about imitating, Selina Miles and Rob Whitworth were both approached by Nike to pitch for this video and says it “ripped off” her work despite her submission being unsuccessful. Selina says the Nike “Ousadia Alegria” piece shares striking resemblances with her LIMITLESS video, and Whitworth’s Barcelona GO! film. Selina Miles posted this about the case:

“I submitted a 15-page treatment, but was told that the client decided to go in a different direction. When I first watched the video I assumed that Rob must have gotten the job because the video employed his exact technique and style, down to the angles and the sound effects used.I emailed Rob and we quickly realised what was going on. There were also several moments in the commercial that employed a shot or technique I had mentioned in the treatment I submitted.”

Miles stated in her original Facebook post:

“It’s one thing when people reference other people’s work in a personal context at some point in their personal creative journey. This happens all the time and I’m fine with it, it’s another thing entirely for one of the world’s biggest brands to shamelessly rip off two creatives in what I know was a six-figure advertising campaign.”

Basically it was about time until someone comes out with a similar LIMITLESS video, but it must be very demoralising and frustrating for a filmmaker, when such a big brand like NIKE just rip off creative people like this. And the fact that Selina and Rob submitted ideas used in the final product by someone else is a shame. We hope both find the energy to pursue this matter legally.

We could continue looking into similarities of the artwork for NIKE´s “Ousadia Alegria” but it might have to be shared in a different post here on ILG.

Source: Selina Miles

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