VIDEO – ‘Blood, Sweat & Years’ – READ THE LABEL

Read The Label from Los Angeles just released a 20minutes running movie entitled “BLOOD, SWEAT & YEARS”, produced and edited by Matt Lawton. The video comes with a nice vintage intro and look, introduced with this description:

“Blood, Sweat & Years is a full length film about Graffiti and Skateboarding. We got the team and close friends together to create a project that shows our generation in the streets. The title is exactly what the film is about years of dedication with no monetary reward simply a passion for what we do and nothing will stop us! Blood, Sweat & Years!”

In the video Skateboarding and Graffiti by: Craola, Taylor Jett, Amuse126, Merlot, Begr, Christian Holt, Fucte, Freddy Ernst and Buges.

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