MAGDEBURG – Pay and Paint – AEROSOL ARENA´s ‘WholeCarWorld’

Three years ago we posted about the idea to host a legal trainyard at the AEROSOL ARENA Magdeburg. The good news first: they made it, the AEROSOL ARENA now has a traincar possible to paint. The bad news: it´s not for free.

Grafffiti Artist should pay to paint the train. The AEROSOL ARENA team tells on the new website, that´s because they also just rented the car and pay for everything needed to host such a paint action on the traincar.

So to paint the traincar within 3 hours maximum (and not 5minutes more) you need minimum 130 Euro (or 50 Euro/hour), but with this budget the traincar is not prepared, not buffed or anything else. They also offer a so called “High End Solution” of 1.000 Euro for a 12 hours stay, including a platform to use for painting the car plus light, power, toilets, kitchen and a sixpack of beer. The small option of this costs 400 Euro but in this way you only have 6 hours and the train does not run for a little bit.

Below a few photos and a video by the AEROSOL ARENA to promote the offer entitled “WholeCarWorld”. If you want to know more informations check in here (german explanation).

Photos: Aerosol Arena

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