VIDEOS – Aeon, Ebot & Tizer in India

Here is a videoseries of four clips showing graffiti artists Aeon, Ebot & Tizer of ID Crew traveling India for one month. In Part one the three painting around Bangalore and making their way to the coast of Kerala. In Part two you can watch them painting around Goa and Gokarnawhile enjoying the Holi festival and getting in some Indian beach time. Painting in Mumbai while taking in the energy of this crazy city in part three and the 4th and final part of Aeon, Ebot & Tizer’s adventures through India traveling through the many cities and villages of Rajasthan and through to New Delhi. On their travels they experience the many colours, cultures and surprises that India has to offer.

Aeon, Ebot & Tizer in India – Part 1

Aeon, Ebot & Tizer in India – Part 2

Aeon, Ebot & Tizer in India – Part 3

Aeon, Ebot & Tizer in India- Part 4

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