‚Style Wars 2′ – Part 6/6

Style Wars 2 is a graffiti documentary produced by Veli and Amos, a Swiss-Slovenian artist duo. The movie is a sequel of the cult movie ‚Style Wars’ from 1983 and try to gives an update on today’s graffiti and street art scene, in a entertaining format.

30 years after the release of Style Wars, the movie that helped spread the graffiti movement from New York around the world, Veli and Amos, the producers and main protagonists of Style Wars 2, hit the road to discover new graffiti styles and meet the artists behind. A wild journey takes them from Europe to New York and the Middle East, from galleries to war zones.

The movie is a homage to the original Style Wars movie and at the same time tells the personal story of Veli and Amos. Even though the movie’s main focus is on graffiti, it approaches the topic in a much broader way, and also alludes to politics, art and lifestyle.

Veli and Amos have been working as an artist duo since 2008. Both study art and regularly present their work in galleries all over the world as well as in public space. Style Wars 2 is their first movie.

When we met them in Germany while the cinema roadshow we were told this movie was not made of commercial reasons. No DVD publishing scheduled. But now everyone has the chance to watch the movie step by step within a 6 episode online release. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) Here is the 6th and last part of STYLE WARS 2 . The complete YT playlist please find here.

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