V ‘Alëxone Company‘ – A monograph by Alëxone – INFLVENCERS

For his videoseries #INFLVENCERS Good Guy Boris (The Grifters) talked to ALEX ONE (5MINUTES/2014) about the new book ‘Alëxone Company‘.

‘Alëxone Company‘ gives a satirical account of a fictitious corporation that seeks to promote itself as familial and socially conscious. The book then uses this concept as a vehicle to present the artist’s work which had been produced over the last three years. The book reflects the diverse nature of Alëxone’s work which includes artisan chocolate bars and drawings on photographs, in addition to the vibrant canvases which were shown at his recent exhibitions in Marrakech, Zurich and Paris.

The monograph is published by Les Requins Marteaux and available from

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