PHOTOS – NEON in New York City 1988 and 1997

Graffiti artist NEON just uploaded rare footage of his trips to New York City back then in 1988 and 1997:

“…after writing for several years, i ran out of information about what i was doin. at that time there was no internet and the tie between usa and europe didnt exist at all. subway art, style wars, beat steet etc. was explored to the fullest…. so what was next? logical step: lets fly over there and check things out!! so i did first in 1988. i was extremly lucky cause just after some days i met the verry right people that took me inside the ‘secrets of style writing’. after so many years i still have to give thanks to the sneaky master himself and all the ones who helped me find my way trough this….one love!!!”

All these photos originally uploaded on NEON´s Facebook Page and are under the copyright of the artist!

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