“Graffiti ruined my life” and “graffiti saved my life” are pretty common phrases seen written next to a piece. Those might be extreme cases, but both have rung true for different people. It can be a self destructive sport, and the side you end up agreeing with depends on who you are and how you treat it. If you’re already involved in other trouble, it might be a path out. If you have personal issues, it could be a release valve. But it can lead to its own trouble and issues too, whether that be violence, legal consequences, or injury. Deciding if any of that is worth it is a personal decision, just as the level of risk involved is too. Nothing in life is guaranteed though, even if you play it safe. Graffiti artist AKA6 from St.Petersburg (Russia) makes his very own choices and is smart about them. He is what we call a notorious graffiti artist from the streets. It´s impossible to walk the streets of St.Petersburg without spotting a big AKA6 piece somewhere around the corner, up on a roof or the Neva river side. But it´s not the only reason why we decided to feature him for this 5MINUTES episode. Have a look inside the life and mind of AKA6 – a very interesting character of the russian graffiti movement and for sure one of the most serious streetwriters we ever met.

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