SPECTRA – 1010, Cisco Merel, Felipe Pantone & Nelia – A film by Selina Miles

“Every form of art is, somehow, experimental. A true artist proposes, takes risks and tries to push to the limits. Making art is to invent art. In contemporary art, with the declared intention of rupture that characterizes it and with its focus on individuals beyond schools and groups, this becomes evident. Each artist has its proposal and performs a research of its own.”

Filmmaker Selina Miles spent time at the preparations of the exhibition SPECTRA (Articruz and Marion Gallery, Panama), that gathers four young artists with shared concerns but with clearly structured and differentiated speeches: 1010, Cisco Merel, Felipe Pantone and Nelia. The works in this show emerged from a temporary residence of the artists in Articruz workshop, which has allowed them to explore different materials and techniques.

SPECTRA gathers the proposals of these artists in a variety of surfaces to state that the value of an artwork relies upon the speech of each artist, and when someone has managed to properly structure a particular visual language, it will work in any given surface.

All of the four artists were trained in design, and arose from the world of graffiti and street art. Their visual vocabulary was forged on the street and in murals, with the particularity that they have focused their interests on abstraction, geometry and perception, creating languages from pure forms and color.

Now they are all in a transition process between urban art and conventional works on permanent surfaces, between the outdoor walls and the walls in the galleries. This is the reason why they coordinated a collaboration with Articruz so that these artists can experiment with the various possibilities that the workshop provides them. Thus, this transition in support, from the wall to the frame, can be more effective and adapted to the needs of each artist’s speech.

The result is SPECTRA, a combination of technical and discursive solutions, which interact with each other and are now being shown to viewers and visitors of the exhibition.

This video has subtitles! Please click on the CC button to watch with English or Spanish subs.

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