ATHENS – Mural by INO supporting an awareness campaign for Hepatitis C in Greece


The greek mural artist INO recently completed a mural in Athens entitled “Snowblind” supporting the Prometheus Liver Patient Association, an awareness campaign for Hepatitis B and C in the greek population. Officials say that 200,000 greek people suffering from this disease, only 4% of them receive treatment.

“On the occasion of a Public Information Campaign on the Hepatitis C disease, iNO was commissioned to create a new mural on a very central area of downtown Athens. The Greek street artist created this super-large piece showing a faceless man blinded from his success in the pursuit of money, however he is actually sick and he doesn’t know it. A blue splash in the shape of Liver indicates that something is wrong.”

On a side note: a few days ago INO posted a critical comment on his instagram about Mural Artists painting their work with projectors and not freehand, like he do. “Snowblind” was painted without projector, but to be honest, most of the Murals we post here were painted freestyle. Anyways, checkout the video by Dimos Pavlopoulos below:

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