ZURICH – Moses & Taps™ – Europa™ Exhibition at KOLLY Gallery

For the first time in Zurich the Kolly Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the German artist collective MOSES & TAPS™. The exhibition takes place from June 16 to July 16, 2016 at Kolly Gallery in Zurich. (Facebook Event)

The artist MOSES & TAPS™ are currently on everyone’s lips. Their exhibition in Zurich is called EUROPA™. It is a contemporary yet timeless exhibition, which is a clever combination of independent individual items building up to a whole work of art. The exhibition called EUROPA™ is also a continuation of FLICKWERK™ series.

“EUROPA™ is not only an exhibition title but also a statement. Therefore interpretation should be on the eye of the beholder. Regarding this fact MOSES & TAPS™ stick to French philosopher Bernard-Herne Levy’s statement: “Europe is not a place but an idea.”

In 1994 MOSES™ and TAPS™ independent of each other began to produce graffiti in public space. They focused both on their common media: spray paint, colors and trains. In 2007 they founded the artist collective TOPSPRAYER™. Their first project INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ included to spray 1000 trains in 1000 days using each other’s names and following both the rigid rules of graffiti and those of the authorities.

This project led to her first book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™, one of the most successful graffiti art books on the market today. It is even used as a reference in the courtrooms. Thus TOPSPRAYER™ have actively influenced the court decisions in Germany. They are currently working on her third book A.L.I.A.S., in which will be revealed a third artistic personality ALIAS™.”


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