VIDEOSERIES – “Probation Vacation – Lost in Asia” – Episode 09 | KOREA – UTAH & ETHER

As seen in with episode 01 (Turkey), episode 02 (India), episode 03 (Thailand), episode 04 (Malaysia), episode 05 and 06 (Singapore & Phillipines) plua episode 07 and 08 (Taiwan & Japan) in this project UTAH & ETHER (dubbed the “Bonnie & Clyde” of the graffiti world by The New York Times) will take you into the depths of Asia, a place mostly untouched by graffiti, where the couple spent years documenting their travels and painting the metro systems in some of the wildest cities on the world’s largest continent.

The Grifters have the pleasure to present you this historic video series, filled with adventures from 11 Countries and 37 Cities. Packed in 12 Episodes, counting more than 90min of action.

In episode 09 you can watch them painting in TKOREA (BUSAN, GWANGJU, DAEGU, DAEJON, INCHEON, SEOUL)

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