KOREA – A wall and building printing robot – ARTBOT by ROBOPRINT


ROBOPRINT from Korea is about to promote their new product ARTBOT, a wall and building printing robot, able to print full color paintings or illustration on big and high walls.

The company says, it´s a safe, quick, and economic way for painting on the exterior of buildings.

“These are high quality images that enhances the appearance of the city by creating works of art all around Seoul. The apartment repainting market is a 400 billion won industry. partments repaint to increase the value of the property as well as increase the visual design. The robot painting system can be controlled remotely and wirelessly. Using the Artbot is a lot cheaper than using the traditional man power painting service by 50-80%. Also there is no risk of safety accidents as no workers will be working in high places.”

The robot splits an image into several small pieces to paint the whole image.


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