“Cives Aeterni – The Everlasting Game”

There is a new nice book from Rome (Italy) entitled “Cives Aeterni – The Everlasting Game”, about some of the most influential graffiti artists visiting Rome. It´s limited to 56 copies only and available on the authors facebook page.

“This art book concept recounting significant experiences about a new city. Important moments that bond to a new place. Cives Aeterni is an art book numbered of 56 copies, collaborating with 16 of the leading international writers, who share their experiences in Rome, recounting their favourite experience or anecdote which was special or otherwise significant.”

The concept/idea is as easy: each artist choosed a picture of a particular place in the city, printed black and white (35x25cm size) and customized it with a work screen printed from 1 to 5 colors. Then each one selected the most representative production made in Rome printed as postcard. The book is handly bended, with extractable prints made by 56 Fili serigraphy. Featured artists are Buni, Dmote, Fume, Hence, Milk, Miss17, Oker, Petro, Rap, Rie, Same, Smole, Teach, Yalt, Yes2 and Zedz.

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