Here is the RECAP in video and photos of this years URBAN HEART BASEL Festival! With works by Alias, Boogie, Bustart, Chrome, elBocho, Hombre, Inkie, Mr.Cenz and many more!

“The bar has been set high after the huge success of „Urban Heart Basel 2015“ organized by Urbane Kunst Basel. One year passed by and after endless hours of planning we proudly present our highlight for this summer: this year’s Urban Heart Basel, which will take place between June 12th and June 19th. During this period we’ve invited national as well as international artists to design and paint different spots spread all over Basel. As last year we hope to benefit from the art interested visitors of the Art Basel and to give them a deeper understanding of Street Art and Graffiti, since it is history’s biggest art movement. Smiled at in the beginning this art-form has made its way into galleries and museums all over the world. By painting grey concrete walls entire neighborhoods have been redesigned and transformed into public open-air art galleries.

Redesigning walls is an important element of our event. The artworks are long-lasting and will delight the general public for long after the end of Urban Heart Basel 2016. Since all spots are easily accessible everybody is invited to visit our livepaintings from June 12th to 19th at the different locations. Of course no admission will be charged.

Urban Heart Basel 2016 will cover more than 800m2 wall, spread over seven different spots and painted by 31 artists. At the “Tabaccheria Pop-Up Gallery” the public has the opportunity to meet the artists and glace at more of their works. Feel free to drop by for the opening on June 15th at Schneidergasse 26 in Basel at 7pm or on any day until June 19th from 12pm to 10pm.

After having invited top stars last year such as The London Police, Otto Schade or Dome we had to turn it up a notch. A glance at the line up and it will become clear that we exceeded our goals and expectations. Among the 31 artists are very popular names like Cranio from Brazil or UK’s Inkie and Mr. Cenz or elBocho and Hombre from Germany. We mix intentionally local and international artists with individual styles and painting techniques, in order to cover as much as possible impressions of this extraordinary art movement. The range is wide and includes abstract art, photorealistic works or classic graffiti styles combined with modern components.

Even being active only since 2014 we can look back at quite some media coverage. Local and national newspaper and TV stations such as SRG, Tele Basel, Blick, BZ and Basler Zeitung picked up the story and reported during and after Urban Heart Basel 2015. Additional to the existing media channels we are happy about our new international media partner who will report this year about our event and artists. This will not only benefit our organization but as well present the city of Basel as a city of art and culture. Besides the media numerous spontaneous visitors were attracted by last year’s livepaintings, which still can be visited today. For this year’s Urban Hear Basel we have prepared a guide including information on painting spots, dates and artists. This map is available at our head quarter, the “Tabaccheria Pop-Up Gallery” and in every tourist information office as well as at each livepainting spot.”

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