BOOK NEWS – “King Kool City Berlin” – A book by Sarah Paulus & Rolf G. Wackenberg

A few weeks ago we met up with Author Sarah Paulus and photographer Rolf G. Wackenberg in Berlin to talk about their book project KING KOOL CITY BERLIN, on our red couch (photo above, © Rolf G. Wackenberg). In the book the authors portray a part of Berlin’s Hiphop scene: 30 sprayers, MC´s, DJs, beatboxers, skaters and B-Boys. From 1UP, AMOK, FINO, POET, AKTEone, El Bocho and Falkland via Kool Savas, B-Tight, Frauenarzt, Manny Marc, DVO, Checan and MC Bomber up to the Flying Steps, Bee Low, Soulrock, MC Fitti, DJ Marc Hype and ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE. For this part we gave an interview to Sarah Paulus and Rolf G. Wackenberg about our website and our experience about Graffiti in the internet in general.

“KING KOOL CITY BERLIN provides rare and very personal insight into the artists’ universe illustrated with exclusive photographs taken by Rolf G. Wackenberg. Thereby, the reader is made familiar with life cycles between passion and vocation, between international success and despair. As such, the book is supposed to be an homage to the people portrayed and a declaration of love to the most fascinating city: Berlin.”

The book will be published in September 2016. There are some shirts are available right here at Stylefile and below checkout a videoteaser featuring berlin graffiti legend AMOK, DOMI und AKTEone supporting the upcoming book release of KING KOOL CITY BERLIN by Sarah Paulus and Rolf G. Wackenberg.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-25 um 13.11.12

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