MURAL ART – ‘La Madre Secular’ – A three walls series by INTI

Here we would like to share with you a three walls series entitled ‘La Madre Secular’ by Street Artist INTI. The series is about female image standing as an icon of creation and protection that crosses all cultures, regardless of any religious context. It is a lay representation of the Madonna where the sacred coexists harmonically within the laws of nature.

‘La Madre Secular I’
Placed in Marseille; was made in collaboration with the Galerie Saint Laurent, at the classic and crowded Marche aux Puces.
‘La Madre Secular II’
Produced for the StreetArt13 project by the Galerie Itinerrance at the 13en district in Paris.
‘La Madre Secular III’
The last of the trilogy, has its place in Lisbon and was made possible by Underdogs.

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