MURAL ART – Steak Mural by Xi-Design in BERLIN

At Strelitzer Straße 18 in 10115 Berlin next to the Berlin Wall memorial there is an extraordinary new mural.

The historical and political message behind this design was devided by Marcus Haas, who was winning the Talenthouse mural contest „If walls could talk“.

„If this wall at Bernauer Street could talk“, says Marcus Haas about his idea, „it would surely tell a lot about this dramatic happening to Berlin: the buiding of the Berlin Wall and the seperation of both parts of Berlin until 1989. The mural shows this kind of cut through the city and the injuries of the Berlin citizens which accompanied to that. In the texture of the meat you can see the boarders and parts of Berlin. Additionally the house where the mural is painted on also looks like it is cut. That´s why the idea of the design, the architekture and the artwork fit perfectly to eachother.“

The steak mural was painted by Xi-Design, a Berlin based graffiti crew.

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