AMUSE126 painting a 4 story building for Big Walls Project Chicago

Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-26 um 11.13.30

Let´s share with you this nice footage of chicago based Amuse126 before, during, and after painting a mural for a project called BIG WALLS!

“Turn up the volume and take a moment to enjoy this incredible footage (shot and edited by @wandering_wayup @wayupcreative) and hopefully gain an understanding for why it was so monumental to have a Chicago writer as the centerpiece of this first wave of murals. Our sincere thanks to Ironlak for providing the best paint- without which, none of this would be possible.”

The Big Walls project by Wabash Arts Corridor and Columbia College Chicago along Wabash Street is quickly becoming one of the better art crawls in the country with its collection of works that scale from 1 to 10 stories high and/or can be as wide as a half city block.

The Chicago Truborn Gallery was given the responsibility to find an artist to paint this particular 4 story building right off of Wabash and next to one of the main elevated train lines in the downtown area. Local Graffiti Artist Amuse126 was given the task and based on the results was an excellent choice to represent himself, his city and the gallery that put him on to the project.

With this piece Amuse 126 has thrust himself into the world of large scale murals and shown the ability and the creativity to handle a project of this magnitude.

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