New York´s Brooklyn Bridge spray painted with the words “Love, Love, Love”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-31 um 14.21.30
Last night the span of the New York Brooklyn Bridge were spray painted with the words “Love, Love, Love” Mass Appeal reports on this:

“One of the pinnacles of high profile graffiti spots in NYC is the Brooklyn Bridge. Only a few writers — such as SANE, SMITH, SACE, YEAR, LEWY, and a handful of others — have pulled off the daring feat and now someone with a message more important than just their name has joined those elite ranks. This morning, a anonymous tipster sent us a photo of the well-guarded, historic landmark with the words “Love, Love, Love” spray painted on the span. We’re not sure who’s responsible for the heartfelt memo, but do appreciate it, especially considering the current political climate.”

Not sure who did it but probably its better to not name the responsible artists, we are just thankful for those who are spreading love and joy in these times of hate and misery. Good one!

Search Twitter and instagram (#brooklynbridge) for more photos popping up!


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