BAZOOKA FILMS looking into the passion of Graffiti Artist BEGR [VIDEO]


Graffiti artist BEGR reps more crews than any writer out there and has certainly turned up his output in the last few years. He is part of the WGE, D30, TWB, NSF, FTMD, WMD, RTM, THR, BTUF, BMB & WAI. In the beginning he was writing Eger, but there was an Oakland writer that wrote Eager TMP, HS so he changed it to BEGER, because at that time one of his friends wrote Beam and he loved the way the B-E connected while doing flow tags, then later he changed it to BEGR to shorten it up.

BEGR has been around 20+ years and constantly continue to contribute to the culture of writing.

“Other than graffiti I live a normal life. Ya rite! I live like a writer lives. You ask yourself, “What’s that?” then you probably just do graffiti – and there is nothing wrong with that. A writer will do what he or she has to do to overachieve and live life with no rules. To me a writer lives like a king – eats, drinks, does whatever they choose and no matter how high their paycheck is looking, they are still down to collect more and never think they are too cool to walk away from the writing lifestyle. So when I’m not pressing the cap or doing what I do to get over, you can find me cruising in a civilian car with the windows down, AC turnt all the way up riding 2 mph, at the sneaker spots. I’m real big on sneakers, not one of those Hypebeast sissy boys of today, but an old head who walks the block in un-retroed kicks. I don’t hate, but i shed a lil frown on kids who line up to get sneakers they have no knowledge of the timeline on when they dropped. I’m from one of the oldest rack crews from the bay area 484 FEATURES so at a young age we would do left/rights, knock the stock room, hit returns do what ever we had to do to get what we got. Tattoo shop chilling – there are several shops I’m down with and they all consider me family when I walk in the door. Shooting range – working on my aim, I really enjoy shooting guns and take pride in my aim. I guess that it’s the American in me.”

The guys over at Skate all Cities caught up with him to gain some perspective on who the man behind the name is. Read it here. Below you can watch a recently produced video by Bazooka Films 77 (MQUE&SKEM) looking into the passion of the Graffiti Artist BEGR.

Another video is still possible to watch here, its SPRAYDAILY following BEGR for their MONOCHROME video series.

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