Acrylic based pump markers in use by MATE ONE, ANNA T IRON & MISS WAH [VIDEOS]


After spray paint today the pump paint marker is probably the second important product for graffiti and street artists. Since the german brand MOLOTOW joined the market with the ONE4ALL Marker System about 10 years ago, this whole type of a pen had its serious relaunch. This product is perfect in use to create permanent writing and painting on a variety of surfaces from canvas to metal to stone and glass.

Unlike with most permanent alcohol-based graphic markers you know (like COPIC or TOUCH) the ink is no ink, it´s an acrylic-based paint and generally requires shaking before use, similar to an aerosol spray paint can.

In addition, the line is very opaque and, unlike spirit-based or other permanent inks, will not really fade and overlays all other colors beneath it. The paint from these types of markers is not truly permanent, as it can be removed using high pressure cleaning or paint thinning solvents such as acetone.

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After MOLOTOW´s ONE4ALL Marker System with more than 60 colors available and an smart exchangable tip system also POSCA started to relaunch their products with the Uni POSCA Marker Line but a very limited color range and the brand by Mitsubishi still not managed problems like the refill process of the markers while MOLOTOW products e.G. are refillable more than 50 times. After MOLOTOW also MONTANA Germany launched their own acrylic-based Markers a few years ago with up to 36 colors in the range. MOLOTOW and also MONTANA offer an empty marker system and refills to not just reload your marker with paint when it´s empty but also to mix your own colors. In 30ml and 180ml Refills you can mix and also thin the paint with water or acetone (up to 5% recommended) with acetone . It´s such a great innovation all graffiti artists benefits on since a few years and many great art popping up created with these products.

MOLOTOW´s latest innovation within the ONE4ALL system is an Acrylic Pump Twinmarker, so you can use two tips in combination (4 mm and 1,5mm round tip) at one time. Plus the recently launched acrylic-and waterbased ONE4ALL spray paint to round up the concept and the graffiti artist´s process, possible to use indoors with almost no toxic smell. You can watch the product in the video posted below.

To showcase how the brands promote their product here are three more or less new videos to proof the quality and its usability. MATE ONE painting a large canvas with the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL spray paint and markers, ANNA T IRON from Hamburg doing different types and lettering with on a variety of surfaces, creating short and catchy phrases that in the end look like nice logos. In the third video you can watch MISS WAH painting a so called “Kawaii Graffiti canvas”. Three very different artists with three very different – but at the same time very similar products.

This is not a product review, it´s just a showcase of how acrylic-based pump markers by different brands works more or less in reality. What product works the best please find out yourself, from our experience we highly recommend products out of the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Range available as 1,5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 15mm and 60mm pump markers and a easy refill system that keeps the product idea very useful, economical and sustainable.

MATE ONE x ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint

“Here is a new video by and with graffiti artist MATE ONE this time painting with the new MOLOTOW ONE4ALL acrylic spray paint and ONE4ALL Markers. He also send us a very positive feedback about the product mainly about the products low smell, finally a spray paint you can use indoors! The ONE4ALL acrylic spray paint provides the finest atelier quality with unprecedented durability, flexibility and UV resistance. Crack formation is a thing of the past. The quick drying time is spectacular. The volatile solvent amount is substituted with 85% water.” (MOLOTOW)


“Anna is always on the move, thinking of new ideas and creating something original, new and always fresh. Working as a freelance typographer and artist in Hamburg, she has also been in the graffiti scene for about 10 years, which at times also influences her lettering. Her other creativities include illustration, sign-painting, hand-lettering, body-painting, photography, hand-painted murals, customised work and these day she has even been teaching hand-lettering at the FSG school of Hamburg. At the age of 17 Anna T-Iron started creating and getting heavily into arts in the small village where she was born and raised, on the north coast of Germany. In 2011 she completed her studies in Graphic design at the HAWK Hildesheim. She has been living in Hamburg for quite some time now, where she co-created the WeRunThis collective, who she shares her studio with. She invited us over to see her at work and we found a quite-rare atmosphere in that very special studio of hers. It was in mid- November 2016, first snow of the winter and it was cold and crispy outside but inside it was warm and cozy and her work was super hot!” (MONTANA)

POSCA x MISS WAH – Kawaii Graffiti Canvas

“Miss Wah resides in Worcestershire, Working and playing hard as a Graphic Designer, author of hugely successful “Shades of Kawaii” adult colouring books and self titled ‘semi-pro’ doodler sponsored by Uni Posca.

With a huge passion for all things Street Art & Kawaii related, She spends hours doodling random-ness on any surface possible, creating youtube videos and travelling the country doing demonstrations for POSCA. She has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the street art world at festivals and events and loves to bring her characters to life on the street and in print.” (MISS WAH)

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