170 Artists Invade a Giant Empty Bank Building in Berlin – THE HAUS [PREVIEW]


Through our network we heard little stories and rumours about a new project in Berlin called THE HAUS. Only a few discreet photos have popped up here and there so far, so we went there to check out THE HAUS on Sunday for a short preview report. Here is what we were able to get away with from this secretive project scheduled to open in April 2017.

DSC02515-WPTHE HAUS gonna be a temporary gallery in the heart of Berlin that is going to showcase the essence of art by exposing it to irreversible destruction. Temporary means that when the project is over it’s not coming back. Never. THE HAUS is curated by the team behind XI-DESIGN better know as the THE DIXONS collective. Somehow they managed to enter an old empty 5 story bank building for 4 months before its demolition (see picture above) starting January 2017. So, what to do with this possibility? Let´s fill the whole building with its numerous rooms and countless space with art. That´s one crazy idea, and believe it or not, its reality now. It is at this point the THE HAUS – the BERLIN ART BANG is born.

“THE HAUS is going to be a multi-sensual adventure that will stick in the memories of all those who witness it. A collective of chosen artists and partners will create an exceptional space without borders.”

More than 170 artists were invited to realize themselves and their concepts in rooms that belongs completely to them. “The idea doesn’t matter” they say, “as long as it’s dope”.

“A place full of libertines who dedicate themselves pursuing this one perfect moment. The moment you have to talk about because a picture is not enough to explain it.”

We came there in the early morning of Sunday, February, 13th, 2017 to check out the very last day of the workspace period, which started in January 2017. By talking to artists and discovering the 5 floors with rooms filled with very different kind of art, we realized little by little that this is not an ordinary artist camp or project. From Graffiti Art to Tape Art, Stencil Art, Installation, Illustration and object works, projections, it´s just one crazy mix of art compiled in a very special presentation. Of course we have seen similar ideas executed in old abandoned buildings (IBUG, CONS SPACE…) but we are pretty sure this is something new to everyone of you, and its very entertaining.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-13 um 18.54.44

While staying there for a full day we saw work in progress by ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS, HERAKUT, the 1UP Crew, SEMOR, one great room designed by the SUPER BAD BOYS, STOHEAD, BASE23, AKTE ONE, CREN, BOND, DR.MOLROK, HRVB, DXTR & VIDAM, QUINTESSENZ, GOGO PLATA, INSANE51, INNERFIELDS, I LOVE YOU, KLEBEBANDE, TURBOKULTUR, MARIO MANKEY, MICHA KOCH, MISTER WOODLAND, CAPARSO, ONE TRUTH and many more. A very interesting line up and it´s not the names making the line up interesting, it´s the work you can discover in THE HAUS! We had the feeling that every very single artist went there with a strict and very serious agenda to create works. No matter if all this will be demolished from end of May on, its part of the whole concept.


It was strictly forbidden to take photos of finished artworks so you will not see the entire show online at any time before the show is running, the team told us they will publish a book about the whole project. Maybe it’s finished for the opening! We managed to bring home some detail shots posted below but believe us, that´s not nearly what to expect for the opening.

THE HAUS opens it doors to the public April, 1st, 2017 and is possible to visit the next 2 months till end of may. Make sure you invest a few hours and take a look!

With big respect to the XI DESIGN team we wish all the best for the opening and we will report again online latest in April 2017!

THE HAUS Website
THE HAUS Facebook


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