A gentrification-themed street-art battle happening in LONDON

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Remember when graffiti artist MOBSTR had a year-long battle with the council? Well, it happends again and again. London is constantly changing at a house rate only the locals can really feel. Rent anywhere near overground and underground trains is through the roof. You can expect to pay close to 50% of your paycheck on rent. Many blame it on Gentrification and Street Art.

There is new new murals and graffiti up all the time, so you can’t expect your favourite piece or murals to stick around forever. Street artist EDWIN apparently made his mark on a mural in Hackney Wick, London. Painting over an mural of a woman and an octopus, he wrote: ‘For just a moment, this pretty face and octopus has made me forget that my rent has doubled and that my neighbourhood is being destroyed’. Another gentrification-themed street-art battle just started.

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For whatever reason, EDWIN seems to have quickly had a changed of his mind – and has brought back the woman and the octopus, along with the word ‘sorry’and a new interpretation of the mural.


Source: FifthWallTV, Edwin,

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