One of the most ambitious urban art events in Europe finally comes with a recap movie. The second edition of the Rose Beton Festival Toulouse! It´s BIG ADDICT (Live,Love,Beirut) again who shot and edit one great film with artist portraits and footage of the murals painted during the months of June, July, and August, 2016. Artists participating are Futura2000 (US), Craig Costello (US), Boris Tellegen (NL), Honet (FR), Hendrik Beikirch (DE), Aryz (ES), Reso (FR), Tilt (FR), Martha Cooper (US), Henry Chalfant (US), Sylvain Largot (FR), Remio (US), Mist (FR), and Ben Eine (UK).

“Part of the 2016 Rose Beton 2016 festival, cofounded by the City of Toulouse and the 50cinq, the Epoxy exhibition showcased many Urban Contemporary Art talents. On buildings as well as in galleries, the visitors discovered the works of Honet, Aryz, Sylvain Largot, Martha Cooper, Miss Van, Henry Chalfant, Futura, Mist, Delta, Reso, Hendrik Beikirch (ECB), Ben Eine, Tilt and Remio. The video, directed by Big Addict, unveils the hidden part of the exhibition and gives a very special access to the artists. Their process is brought to light alongside their moments of rest and the public’s reaction to their art.”

See how the whole project and the exhibition EPOXY came to life!

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