Street Artist RONE Creates Exhibition in Abandoned Building – THE ALPHA PROJECT

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A few days ago in an unidentified and soon-to-be-demolished building in Melbourne, Australia, a secret street art exhibition titled “The Alpha Project” was held by renowned street artist RONE to a lucky few.

“Over the last few months I’ve been working in secret on a series of works in an old paper mill. This was a dream project, a giant abandoned site where I could paint whatever I saw fit. These latest works at Yarra Bend have been completed inside the iconic brutalist brick buildings of the old Alphington Paper Mills on Heidelberg Road. As a continuation the idea from the Empty Exhibtion the intention with the project is to create a new series of photographic works. More people see my work in a documented form than will ever see it in person. Knowing this has changed the way I think about the life of my work. Nothing last forever. As long as it’s there long enough to be documented, I know that it will live on in another form.

This makes the work more significant once it is gone. It shifts the value on to the documentation of the work rather than the work itself. This idea has opened up a whole new chapter for me but it also brings me back to what makes street art & graffiti special, you can see it one day and it’s gone the next.

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All good things have a catch – the works have already been destroyed. The demolition of the site starts this week and my arrangement with the demolition company was that I had to destroy the works as a way to reduce the number of people jumping the fence to see them.

It is my hope that this concept of documenting my works prior to its imminent destruction takes me to a new level. This significant evolution has been recognised by the arts community via the addition of my “Empty” series to the NGV’s permanent collection.”

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