Freight train writing by WIPEOUT

Freight train writing is and always will be where it’s at. Bringing it back to the old school New York days where your piece would roll through the city, freight trains allows your piece to roll through the entire continent. Most freight trains now a days are full of graffiti, and sometimes it can difficult for artists to make sure their piece stands out. But one artist, WIPEOUT, is having no trouble making a name for himself in the freight train scene in Europe.

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French WIPEOUT breaks away from the standard freight train graffiti by taking an abstract approach to his work. The uses of random and sporadic color thrown onto the train allows the for freight carrying his piece to gain attention. As most writers or people benching the train try to read the work on these moving canvases, the un-singed and illegible work of wipeout only create more intrigue amongst the community. And that’s where WIPEOUT really shines, his whole car works seems like it should be able to be read, since what seems to be outlines, shadows and other common elements of graffiti can be found in his work.

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Although abstract in its form, the works certainly display a knowledge of colour schemes and precision can control which could have only come with years of practice and of course, good paint. To paint these freight, WIPEOUT used Flame Orange adding some much needed colour to these freights. Flame Orange is a Molotow Product, a company that pushes out some of the best spray paint on the market, and the widest array of colours. Developed in Europe, it has become widely known as some of the best paint you can get for your dollar, perfect for full train writers such as WIDEOUT

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WIPEOUT provides a fresh new take on the standard works scene when walking through a freight yard or watching a train pass. By establishing his work within the context of graffiti, WIPEOUT is able to push the boundaries of how and what graffiti should be through his abstract collage of lines, fades, splatters and colour.

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