SAME – 100 Names Of Friends On Dutch Commuter Trains

In 2015, dutch graffiti writer SAME set out to paint the ʻnamesʼ of the friends he’s made during his extensive travels around the world. Using the Dutch commuter system as his canvas, the result of SAME’s efforts is this compilation of photographs and memories. Included are quotes and personal stories by:

Alors, Ausy, Avido, Batman, Beat53, Boing, Bowl, Brace, Brain, Broke, Chek, Clean, Coim, Cokne, Cyrus, Dawg, Djoks, Egoist, Erpes, Ether, Feebl, Fra32, Gebk, Him, Jador, Jake, Just, Kang, Kel, Lasse-braun, Lench, Leno, Massacre, Miw, Moon, Moron, Mser, Nase, Nokier, Norma, Omas, Oskie, Pores, Proten, Rast, Rebok, Serch, Sien, Sire, Smash, Sole, Spat, Tose,Triple, Tsoup, Utah, Vamp, Wat81, Yes2, Lucer, Marvel, Miss17 and Qge.

This publication consists of 80 full color pages in A5 format, printed with an Indigo press on 100gr Biotop off-white paper for the inner work, 250gr Biotop paper cover with spot varnish and finished with a Cahier stitch binding. Limited to 1000 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.

Here is a short video teaser and preview pages, more about the book and point of sale check in here!




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