Here is the latest release by Belgian filmmaker Romain Vennekens entitled ‘As the city grows, I grow,‘.The short documentary was shot in the summer of 2016, following around three young artists in Shanghai, the biggest and most vibrant city of China. A Brazilian photographer, a Belgian graffiti artist and a Belgian architect consecutively interact with the city and its urban culture, each through their own discipline and gives a beautiful insight in the daily life of Shanghai.

‚As the city grows, I grow‘ is self-produced, but presented by the visual art collective called “Nemeton” which Romain founded back in 2015 with a befriended cinematographer. Their goal is to produce content that makes you question the reality around you. Romain believes that in films, just as in all art, you cannot just simply capture life as it is. As a filmmaker he wants to let the viewer experience higher dimensions by working with the inspirational, feelings and emotions. And that is exactly what we explore in this documentary.

CHASE.BE met up with Romain Vennekens and featured Belgian graffiti artist Benjamin van der Maas (known as ‘The Koi Fish’) to have a talk about this project to read here.

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