SAMY DELUXE – “Allein in der Überzahl” feat. RAZOR & WOW123

For his current music video “Allein in der Überzahl” Hamburg´s Rapper SAMY DELUXE collaborated with trainwriter RAZOR of COS CREW and WOW123 of SUK Crew. The visual content shows a big ALLEIN IN DER ÜBERZAHL silver by RAZOR, some trains and walls by the three including SAMY´s graffiti who is a writer himself as part of the 13ERS crew. It´s pretty rare seeing Hip Hop MC´s teaming up with graffiti writers these days, so we thought it´s worth a mention!

This track is part of an upcoming SAMY DELUXE release entitled “Samy Deluxe – Deluxe Edition (KunstWerkStadt/Chapter ONE)”, for more informations check out the video descriptions on YouTube!



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