“Fuck the System” BERLIN KIDZ DVD drops December 2017 – PARADOX 2 VIDEO PROMO

With this video titled PARADOX 2 – TUNNফᏞ ♥ GظITCᎻ the Team Paradox just announced new infos on “Fuck the System” (Trailer), the second DVD by and about the Berlin Graffiti and Parkour crew “Berlin Kidz”. 4 years after the first DVD, “Fuck the System” comes as a collector edition of 1000 copies, with a 70-minute full action DVD, a 28-page special photographic booklet, a poster and a sticker.

You can Pre-order it through Urban Spree Berlin. The DVD will be shipped from December 15th, 2017 on. The Berlin Premiere event of the movie is scheduled for December 17th and 20th. (17.12.2017 19 uhr BABYLON KINO, 22.12.2017, 20 uhr BABYLON KINO)

Berlin Kidz: Fuck the System
70-minute DVD
Limited Edition of 1000 copies
28-page booklet, poster, sticker.

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