BOND TRULUV’s ‘World of Style’ Buch

Erst vor drei Monaten ist der Graffitikünstler BOND mit einer Crowdfunding Aktion gestartet, die helfen sollte, sein ambitioniertes Buchprojekt “World of Style” zu realisieren. Es kam genug Geld zusammen und nun ist das gute Stück bestellbar auf seiner Website. Es kam sogar etwas mehr zusammen also gibt´s das Buch im soliden Hardcover und 14 Seiten mehr als geplant.

Bond Truluv / World of Style / Book
174 pages / A4 horizontal
170g/m² paper
Hardcover binding

The book is set in a chronological order starting with a section on paintings in Abandoned Places continuing to a large chapter covering my years of painting in South-East Asia. There is a chapter on my signature techniques Light-graffiti and Video-mapping with explanations and behind-the-scenes information. Also there is a chapter on New School Graffiti and texts on my views on style and personal motivation. The book concludes with a chapter on Augmented Reality (AR) Graffiti, which I was experimenting around with just this year.

The stories will not end on paper as each chapter has lots of QR codes that you can scan through your smartphone, linking you to plenty of additional content online. On top of that, there will be a customized app, designed especially to go with the books Augmented Reality (AR) section. You will have the unique opportunity to view some of my pieces in 3D through your smartphones.

Estimated delivery date is throughout March 2019 as we have to process a lot of orders at the same time during the release period.

Mehr Informationen über das Buch hier!

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