PICHIAVO’s Mural im Hauptbahnhof Heidelberg – METROPOLINK Festival 2020 [KURZFILM]

Eine Woche lang hat das spanische Künstlerduo PICHI & AVO die Eingangshalle zum Nordausgang des Hauptbahnhofs Heidelberg gestaltet. Bei dem 15 mal 11 Metern großen Mural handelte es sich um einen der Höhepunkte des Metropolink Festivals 2020. Die Kuratoren und das Künstlerduo haben darüber einiges zu erzählen und wurden letzten Sommer mit der Kamera begleitet. Hier der fertige Film:

How is art visionary and how does the ambiguity of art influence you?

The world is a crazy place right now and there is no end in sight, but we shouldn’t give up hope and concentrate on the stuff that’s coming after the pandemic.
Plans for a Metropolink Festival 2021 are already in the making and we’re confident that we’ll have a festival this year.
Working for the creative industry isn’t easy right now and quite exhausting, but we try to sweeten up the wait with a short documentary about the creative process involved in making an art piece at Heidelberg main station.

We like to thank PichiAvo for their patience, their effort and especially their hard work.
Special thanks to our sponsors Deutsche Bahn, City of Heidelberg, Sparkasse Heidelberg, Stadtwerke Heidelberg, Fritz Fels Fachspedition and Montana Cans for making this possible.
We also like to thank the local scene in Heidelberg for their work
And big thanks to our partners, because NO PARTNERS/NO FESTIVAL

Enjoy it and stay safe,
We miss you!









29.JULY – 08.AUGUST 2021

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