„Spiritual Letters“ – Ein Film von PARADOX PARADISE

Viele von euch werden es bereits mitbekommen haben: der Berliner Graffiti Sprüher PARADOX hat in den letzten Wochen mit seinem 70minütigen Film “Spiritual Letters” Premiere gefeiert. Produziert hat PARADOX den Film selbst, in den vergangenen vier Jahren, mit spektakulären Einbrüchen, lebensgefährlichen Abseilaktionen und aufwendig geplanten Aktionen. Im Mittelpunkt steht sein Stil, der im Laufe der Jahre filigraner geworden ist und langsam versucht, sich von prägenden Brasilianischen „Pixação-Elementen“ aus den frühen „Berlin Kidz“ Crew Zeiten zu lösen. Der Film leuchtet aber auch in den Menschen PARADOX hinein! Wir haben für euch den Trailer, arte TRACKS hat ein Interview mit PARADOX geführt und Tom von Vantage Point Radio hat sich kürzlich auch mit PARADOX über den Film unterhalten und einige Fragen gestellt, mit teilweise verstörenden Antworten. Alle Videos und das Interview findet ihr unten!

Wie es mit dem Film nach den ersten Screenings und der Premiere weitergeht, erfahrt ihr in Kürze auf Instagram @mr.paradox.paradise


Spiritual letters is an independent documentary art movie made and edited by Mr. Paradox paradise The film is a story about the deep connection of the life and art of the artist. It takes you on a journey through Berlin like you have never seen before. Take a deep dive behind the scenes of the famous red and blue graffiti letterings that cover the heart of the city and tune into the connection between art, letters and spirituality.

In this 70 minute self proclaimed masterpiece, you have the chance to experience one of a kind stunts across the city’s architecture, surfing on trains (on the well known Berliner U-Bahn) and drone shots full of adrenaline.

By putting himself into life-threatening situations, the artist is trying to pull a connection between art and life itself. It is a spiritual experience where calligraphy imitates organic forms and speaks to the soul. Being chased by his own feelings and thoughts about the vibrational structure of the world we live in, Paradox is focusing on spreading the “Message from Above”. To Reveal the Truth. To Awaken Humanity. To Open one’s Eyes. With focusing on forms that build the lines of this individualized lettering system, the film is a symbolic step forward, where Mr Paradox Paradise drifts from the previous ´Fuck the System´ into a new path. Rule-breaking is switched for art and a spiritual language speaking directly

Spiritual Letters´is an elevation towards Art and should be considered as a beginning.
What awaits the artist on his journey is Life, and Paradox is on an ever evolving path.
Art has no limits. Enjoy

Production data:
Country: Germany/Costa rica
Run Time: 70 minutes
Date: 2018 – 2021
Film by Mr.Paradox Paradise


It is not at all an over exaggeration to say that Paradox (Mr. ParadoxParadise) is one of the most prolific, most unique, and most visible graffiti writer in Berlin, a city full of prolific and unique graffiti writers. Because of that however, they are extremely secretive and anonymous which is why this episode of VantagePoint is so special. Paradox exploded into public consciousness through the development and implementation of a special technique of painting graffiti that involves repelling down from the roof of a building and hitting parts of walls that are otherwise completely inaccessible. Because of this special (and insane) technique his graffiti is vertical rather than horizontal which only adds to it’s uniqueness. Furthermore, the lettering style Paradox has developed is unlike any other. What appears to most people as a long lost alien language only reveals itself as letters and words to those who take the time to decipher the code. Recently Mr. Paradox has branched into new methods of output including apparel and fine art sculptures as well as self producing and directing a new feature length film documenting his story (four years in the making) titled “SPIRITUAL LETTERS”. It was an extreme honor and thrill to finally get to talk to the person behind the mask for this VantagePoint exclusive.


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