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New Zealand Minister of Justice says STOP!

Justice Minister of New Zealand Annette King today launched a strategy at Parliament designed to combat graffiti crime in New Zealand. The “Stop Tagging Our Place” (STOP) strategy will guide the work of agencies and groups involved in combating graffiti vandalism…
“Graffiti vandalism causes significant costs and other negative impacts in our communities,” she said. “To combat graffiti vandalism, it’s vital that everyone in the community works together. The most effective campaigns will involve local councils, community organisations, businesses, schools, sports clubs and private individuals -– focusing on community engagement, ownership and action.”
Among other legislation, the goverment will now be prohibiting the sale of spray paint cans to people under 18 years of age to reduce access and restricting access to spray paint cans in shops so the public cannot obtain them without the help of a shop employee, to reduce opportunistic theft.
Read the whole story here.

Posted: 4. September 2008  Posted By: twik  Tags: ,