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Byens Puls flashback

My man Jezpar did a thing called Byens Puls (Pulse of the City) for many years. It started as an underground fanzine, made with scissors and glue and photocopied colourspreads back around 1999, only with brandnew burners. He did the fanzine for a few years, and then switched to an online version, still keeping the content quality high and interesting. You can still see most of the galleries, full of burners in the well known Copenhagen style, including a few years of Roskilde Festival galleries that Jezpar always got the inside scoop on… Enjoy!
P.S. In 2008 there has still not been any update from Byens Puls, but I keep my fingers crossed that Jezpar will bless us all one more time…

Posted: 29. September 2008  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , ,