Monthly Archives: September 2008

or something…From this site here.

My man Jezpar did a thing called Byens Puls (Pulse of the City) for many years. It started as an … [more]

From the depth of the Prague subway comes this new video…QUALITY CONTROL 4 video machine trailer from brvr on Vimeo.

After a little norweigan talk and some graff action with a good old Quick can, the young gun gets busy … [more]

Little liveaction and a surprise ending from Milano, Italy.

Due to “the aftermath of Hurrican Ike”, Scarface has cancelled his european tour as earlier reported here at ILG, which … [more]

Check out TWISTER over the the german side of ILG, updating today about Kopenhagen, Prokaza 2, Rude Magazine #6, Code … [more]

My man Matthias runs the Metabunker with a bunch of dedicated friends. If you like quality articles, blog and information … [more]

While we wait for the full photo, here is a detail from todays Bates & Storm wall.

Danish steel, walls and action in this clip.If someone knows anything about the official release of this DVD, give us … [more]