Monthly Archives: September 2008

Miami graffiti documentary. Run clip!

Nice to see all medias used in Sweden, here is the trailer for the new upcoming issue of Reptoid Magazine … [more]

From Greece and the Carpe Diem team comes a new book about Mural Art. Details are few except the language … [more]

For the first time in raphistory, Scarface can be seen live in concert in Europe. Hailing from Houston and once … [more]

TheMac is making his way across Europe this month, leaving jawdropping portraits and burned walls behind. Check his blog with … [more]

Watch this chick do a wholebody on herself and strut around town afterwards…I say we all chip in and get … [more]

Train graffiti hits the news in Japan once again. Check out the latest little story about a few hits in … [more]

On my recent trip to Berlin I was introduced to one of Germany’s best kept secrets, character writer Base23 / … [more]

You might have heard about this DVD already, but its surely still worth a mention here at ILG. Brought to … [more]

Some guys never quit… Graffiti like only the Germans can do it, watch for the nice big one at the … [more]