Monthly Archives: September 2008

When I was younger, all I listened to was hiphop, all day, all night. As I grew older, my interest … [more]

Real nice site from photographer Martin Andreasen, featuring, people, scapes, buildings, outside and journal… And graffiti related stuff too.

In the never ending line of new spraypaint, here comes Kobra spraypaint, straight out of Italy.

TWISTER over at the German side of ILoveGraffiti is back in business with a ton of new updates. The language … [more]

As promised here at ILoveGraffiti earlier this month, I went to the Berlin Art Center to check out the exhibition … [more]

The Khallan releaseparty in Copenhagen this weekend turned into a big streetparty as expected. The fun topped when the Danish … [more]

Here is your chance, three new designs of awesome, limited high heels by Insa. Perfect for that special someone…

Sek from the infamous A-line Vandals crew TAV in Copenhagen have been busy with the scanner, putting a big bunch … [more]

27 persons arrested by confrontative police in Helsinki, Finland at a Pro-Graffiti demonstration. While the city hosts an anti-graffiti convention, … [more]

Running in Germany…

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