Monthly Archives: November 2008

Here at ILG we love to see graffiti go new ways. So the following video was received with great joy … [more]

One of the greatest from the NYC subway era, Lee Quinones, flex his skills in 2008 on another moving object, … [more]

What goes on on the NYC subway? B-boying…

Hope & Cope, the people of the United States of America are voting for a new president. Here at ILG … [more]

Cakes DSK from Prague, Czech Republic

J├╝rgen Feuerstein from the Black Forest is one of the graff business pioneers. He invented the well known spraycans by … [more]

A bunch of recent sketches from Seen UA, still rocking it after all these years… And you can even buy … [more]

Check out some fresh Hamburg murals and comments from the artists in this nice videoclip.On the streets of Hamburg from … [more]

Juergen Feuerstein

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