Monthly Archives: December 2008

While we all wait for the upcoming documentary on Washington D.C.’s graffiti hero #1, Cool Disco Dan, here is your … [more]

Molotow has a new competition online where you can win a trip to NYC just for doing a tag with … [more]

Krink photo and video from August, aint no fun if the homies can’t have none, so remember to hook up … [more]

Stumbled over this cool photo of a wholecar getting buffed in Spain in this old interview with spanish artist Alone.

One of Denmarks best kept secrets, artist Bill Bach has a new comicbook out called Rap vol.1, fresh drawings from … [more]

From Stockholm, Sweden comes Polar with some really nice burners.

The daily dose of fresh flavour from old and new graffiti masterminds continue at the Molotow and Friends project. During … [more]

Soon, at Alphabeta in Brooklyn, the one and only Cope2 40th birthday party and show. Big happy birthday to Cope2 … [more]

One for the train fans out there, video of the NYC subway running in 2008…

Risky opened his first solo show this past Saturday night at Track 16 gallery in Los Angeles. He created an … [more]