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Censorship coming to Australia?

Pro graffiti media could be facing harder times in Australia as this article explains. The intro alone is hilarious: “While taxpayers foot an estimated $200 million clean-up bill for graffiti, new shops are capitalising on underground magazines dedicated to teaching young artists how to “bomb” trains, buildings and other public spaces. Ranging from $12 to $120, the magazines, books and DVDs feature young people with covered faces using bolt-cutters to break into train yards to tag, stencil and spray graffiti.
A disclaimer says the images are sent in anonymously and the magazines do not condone illegal activity.
Not-for-profit lobby group Graffiti Hurts Australia has called for age restrictions to be placed on the sale of graffiti magazines and DVDs.”

Posted: 10. January 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , , ,