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Ket and Cope2 versus the Vandal Squad

From Kets blog on 12oz:
“I was recently invited by PowerHouse Books to speak at a panel discussion with members of the vandal squad from NYC. At first I was outraged and pissed, I didn’t feel like I should be a part of anything associated with those cops and much less help them get any attention that could possibly help their book sales. But, after further thinking and some discussions I agreed to do it so that I can present a different side of the story and to represent for writers that know better than to believe their bullshit. Basically I agreed to go on in order to discredit their book and to video record the conversation/panel and share it with everyone here. Here is the information if anyone wants to come down (rsvp). Those of you with warrants might want to skip this one.”
powerHouse Books invites you to a panel discussion for
Vandal Squad
Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984–2004
Featuring author Joseph Rivera, former Commanding Officer Lieutenant Steven Mona,
Original Vandal Squad Lieutenant Ken Chiulli, graffiti legend COPE2,
graffiti activist Ket, and street artist ELLIS G.
Moderated by cultural consigliere Sacha Jenkins SHR
Thursday, March 19, from 7–9pm
The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn

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