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Write4Gold 2009 calendar

Only a few months untill the world biggest graffiti competition, Write4Gold kicks off. Now there is an event calendar on the Write4Gold website so you can see what happens when and where. So far it looks something like this:
02.05.2009 Write4Gold Poland (Stettin/Poland)
09.05.2009 Write4Gold Italy (Rome/Italy)
16.05.2009 Write4Gold Denmark (Nykobing/Denmark)
23.05.2009 Write4Gold West Europe (Liverpool/England)
30.05.2009 Write4Gold MidEurope (Vienna/Austria)
06.06.2009 Write4Gold East Europe (Budapest/Hungary)
11.07.2009 Write4Gold Finals (Leipzig/splash!/Germany)
If you are interested in competing in the battle you can sign up here.

Posted: 20. February 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , ,