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Action Painting 2nd preview

We received a promo copy of the new Action Painting book here at ILG and since it arrived it has been very hard to put it down again. Its jam packed with traingraffiti of such a high quality you very rarely see. Sure some of the content have been printed before in different magazines, but to have it all in a collected edition like this one, with nice size photos, quotes and stories to them and amazing never-seen-before flicks, it comes of as one of those books that will be remembered for years to come.

Ekosystem has a new gallery of preview photos of the new “Action Painting” book up here or see the after the jump below.
You can also order the book at the publishers, Stylefile, for only 29.90 Euro in preorder it will be released May 2009
This is one book about trainwriting you dont want to miss!
More photos below…