Monthly Archives: March 2009

From the creators of the Gothenburg 2007 DVD comes this new swedish produced DVD, set for release in March 2009 … [more]

Super nice video from Poet 73 about his Berlin Wall graffiti project. A must see for the two handed outline, … [more]

“Europe has always looked across the Atlantic to find its inspiration when it comes to classic writing style, in pieces, … [more]

Time for an ILG Classic, the Hasta La Vista bulle wholecar by Chintz in Dortmund, early 90’s. via

In what can only be described as a hard hit to retailers of donuts in Malmö, Sweden, the police have … [more]

Dublin City Council has run out of funding for key graffiti removal programmes, a Northside councillor has claimed. Read the … [more]

The good people at All City in Dublin, Ireland are putting on a big jam for Easter 2009 at the … [more]

Artcrimes is back with yet another monthly update, featuring Ezra from Switzerland among others this time round.

New sequal of the Painterz DVD dropping March 23rd 2009, featuring among others Nasty, Slice, Le H, Gap crew, Deace, … [more]

Interview with Vik TD4 from NYC over at Canned Goods

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