Monthly Archives: March 2009

Lovely little video documentary about a legal program at Fulham court in London.

Ok, another media roll on the writers vs wankers debate, New York Times article here. Read it before they go … [more]

New exhibition opening at the Strychnin gallery in Berlin on April 17th, featuring an impressive lineup of artists including SEEN, … [more]

From the recent debate in NYC between writers and former donutsquad members: Article with cool quotes here. Short report here. … [more]

Remo TKO is no longer with us. The trainyards in heaven will be more colorful now. Rest In Peace!

Danish pro skater, Kristian Bomholt, passed away this week. He is terribly missed by family, friends and the danish skate … [more]

Yesterday saw the first ever panel discussion between writers and former members of the vandal squad in New York City, … [more]

Brisbanes finest artspace, Jugglers, has a show running right now called Clash Of The Titans by two of Asutralias best … [more]

Skateistan is a charity project raising money for children in Afghanistan, so they can get some oppertuneties to skate and … [more]

Big update over at the Write4Gold site, with lots of new great teams entering the competition. Check them all out … [more]

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