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Jan Danebod in Berlin

In Berlin, the urban art info gallery presents:
To question the policies that govern public and private spaces in the European Union, the initiative “Gemeinsam für die Stadt” will create marketable 25sqm rooms – the average size of a one-room apartment – on the streets of Berlin. “Gemeinsam für die Stadt” puts its finger on one of today’s main concerns of European cities: the rights of EU and non-EU citizens to live and move freely inside and outside the Union. (“Gemeinsam für die Stadt” is sister company of the Danish initiative “Sammen om byen”. The opening takes place this Friday, July 10th from 7pm on at urban art info, Brückenstr. 1a, Berlin-Mitte. Come around and bring your friends!
Opening hours: 10.7. – 8.8.09 Wednesday – Saturday 2 pm – 9 pm

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